About Belshogar Burmese


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My name is Marisa Thistlewaite and I share my life with my husband Garry, my beautiful Burmese and two spoilt poodles.  I am a registered breeder with Qld Feline Association Inc and also registered as a breeder with Moreton Shire Council.

I have been breeding cats for just over 30 years and I stared with and bred for many years the Birman.  We still have a couple of much older Birmans still with us from our breeding programme.   I decided to give up breeding after many years and put my efforts into doing my cat judges training course and now I am an All Breeds judge with Qld Feline Assocation Inc and have judged now in most places in Australia and New Zealand.   While doing my course, I decided to aquire a shorthair cat and felt the Burmese was probably the breed for me. I became so besotted with this people orientated, active but at the end of a hard day when you want to rest they are quite content to change their mode and relax with you and be the lap cat I wanted.  With the support and encouragement from my husband Garry, I decided to breed again. I thought I would never change my breed but I have been converted and am totally addicted to the "Burmese".

The Burmese in my life have captured my heart and made me a better and more fulfilled person. Their over the top loving affectionate natures are such a blessing. Their antics are fun loving and suit all types of homes from single people, families, both young and old, and well suited to live in either an apartment or a large family home.   They are a very special breed.

I am sure you have read many websites claiming this about different breeds but I must say having owned a cat's only boarding catteryfor 20 years (now retired) they have been one of the standout breeds that have also captured the hearts of so many of our clients. And they all say "Once you have a Burmese in your life you always will".  The only thing that is better than owning a Burmese is owning two Burmese.